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Sanlucar de Barrameda (Spain), August 2019

There are the horse races of Ascot in England, colorful hats and old-fashioned costumes, and then there are the races of Sanlucar, caps and umbrellas on the sand.

In both cases, but for totally different reasons, the most beautiful spectacle is not the race but the setting that surrounds it.

If the races of Ascot are reserved for high society with a strict dress code, mandatory hats, skirts not above the knee, the races of Sanlucar are quite the opposite, because they take place...on the beach and the only dress code is a swimsuit.  A unique and free show!

Every August since 1845, the races have been held on the beach of the town for two cycles of three days. The dates vary every year depending on the tide but the show varies little: the children's boxes to make bets, the mobile stalls invaded by the public between two races and the public of all ages on the beach. Whole families and groups of friends come to the beach to see the show. It is a popular family show, without fuss or protocol, where the least important thing is the horse races.  

In 2020, like any big event, the races have been cancelled to our great regret, hoping that they will take place in 2021. 

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