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Paris, August 2018

Since 1982, the "Gay Games" are a sporting and cultural event that brings together every four years athletes, artists and musicians from all over the world. Destined
primarily to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, heterosexuals are also welcome. Anyone can participate, Whatever his physical condition, the goal is to have fun.

In 2018, the "Gay Games" took place in Paris with the motto "all equal". Despite these announcements of respect and equality, it is clear that lesbians are under-represented, both in the races and in the organization. During the swimming competitions that took place in the George Vallerey pool in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, although the races were the same for men and women, most of the participants, and the public, were men. For example, in the 50-meter freestyle race alone, there were 300 male participants and only 61 female participants. As for the different organizing committees of the different sports disciplines present in the competition, the situation was overwhelming: 66 men for 16 women. With the exception of table tennis, synchronized swimming, field hockey and wrestling, where the female presence is equal or superior to the male presence, the organization is dominated by men and a large majority of the organizing committees are 100% male.

This is surely a symptom of the too small place left to lesbians in LGBT collectives. 
Not because there are fewer lesbians in society than gays, but because they are doubly discriminated against - as homosexuals and as women! It is therefore not surprising that this discrimination is also reflected in an event like the "Gay games" and that we are far from being all equal.

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