Calma chicha

The sea is my other passion, it is incredible how the same landscape can change depending on the hours of the day, the light and the wind. 
The sea is presented and expressed in a thousand ways: it is unpredictable.

There is an official classification to describe the state of the sea according to wind and waves: the Douglas scale, created by the English Vice-Admiral Henry Percy Douglas in 1917 when he ran the British Navy Weather Service. 


I like it better, however, to use other terms from the seafarers because it is a way of defining it more expressive and plastic. In Spanish: Calma chicha, Mar de Leva, de Fondo, de Capillo, Tendida, Larga, Sorda, Rodada, Picada, Cavada, Cabrilleada, Ampollada, Encrespada, Mares Encontradas.

Calma chicha means when the sea is calm and the air is completely still.

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