My first photographic camera was for my communion, a kodak ektralite camera that enabled me to take pictures without worrying about anything, a little later my father gave me his reflex, a fully manual yashica, I signed up for a course, I learned a little developing and above all I learned a certain rigor when photographing. My camera was totally manual and I had to think about everything, the aperture, the speed, the focus, so at the beginning almost all my photos were badly exposed or blurred, it was impossible to take a photo on the spur of the moment.
I continued practicing during my youth, especially with color slides, but little by little I abandoned it with my first job. I also felt a great frustration of not being able to control the development process.

A few years ago, I met my now husband, a very talented photographer and he encouraged me to start again. I started to practice, to be interested in the work of famous photographers and to train myself again.


My photographic practice is mainly related to street photography. Without any doubt, I prefer digital photography, I'm not nostalgic about my time of analog photography but I try to keep the rigor of the analog technique and the economy when taking pictures. It is true that it is difficult to get the color and texture of film but I give more importance to the composition than to the process.  I am incapable however of photographing with a phone or a camera without a viewfinder.


2017-2018- EPSAA Ivry-sur-Seine (CMA). Formation certifiante – Reportage photographique (niveau 1 & 2). 

2018-2019- Art, introduction, cycle R0. Centre Verdier, Paris. 

October 2019- Mars 2020- Recherche artistique, cycle R1. Centre Verdier, Paris. 

Exhibitions and prices


- Exposition collective « 93/75 Jump Street » Le 6B, Saint-Denis (19 - 24 novembre) organisée par la plasticienne Roxane Strootbant.


- Coup de cœur du concours photo Saemes «Ma ville en mouvement».

- Exposition collective L’invisible, Centre Jean Verdier (19 octobre- 07 décembre). Rencontres photographiques du 10e.