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The year 2020 is characterized by the covid19 pandemic that started in China at the end of 2019 and spread worldwide in early 2020. 
To fight against the pandemic, the French government launched a general confinement between March 17 at noon and May 11. "Nous sommes en guerre" Macron said. 
Another lockdown was imposed between October 30 and December 15 but much less strict, schools remained open and many employees continued to go to work.  Such a period has never been known in contemporary history outside of wartime periods. 
My series shows a summary of the year 2020, as I have lived it between Paris (France) and my summer vacations in Spain, the first moments of confinement, locked up at home, the breakdown of stocks of basic products such as toilet paper or flour, the fear of falling ill. It also shows the first moments of freedom, the opening of the gardens in Paris that had been closed for months, the first outings in the street, the protective measures that were changing, especially the use of masks, the somewhat special summer vacations. We would never have thought that in Europe something as basic as having a coffee on a terrace would be impossible. The year 2020 has marked our lives forever.

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